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Unbuttoned golf shirts used in a bid to attract women to the game

Male golf professionals in Australia have been unbuttoning their golf shirts in a bid to attract female players and fans to the sport.

The PGA of Australia is hoping the move will overcome the misconception that the game of golf is "only for the older gentleman".

Pro Golf Exposed features a number of young pro golfers in stylish black-and-white photos, with many showing of their torsos beneath their golf shirts.

The campaign mirrors marketing ploys by female golfers in the past, such as Jan Stephenson, who was snapped naked in a bath full of golf balls in the '80s.

PGA of Australia chief executive Brian Thorburn said: "This campaign is quite revolutionary for the PGA and I'm sure the final result will appeal to the female demographic.

"The idea is to break down some of the traditional stereotypes surrounding golf. I think this campaign will achieve this and encourage more women to pick up a club, get a lesson or even watch the golf on TV this summer."

The PGA of Australia, which celebrates its centenary in September, is planning to roll out a number of other initiatives in the coming months to attract more people to the game.

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