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Puma x Quiet Golf Club Collab

Puma x Quiet Golf Club Clothing Collaboration-1

Amidst the onset of the golfing season and the arrival of spring, Puma Golf and Quiet Golf unveiled a fresh assortment of modern apparel. The collection showcases the serenity and calmness of golf through the use of a colour scheme that draws inspiration from the appearance of hazards, fairways and greens.

This line offers fashionable golfers an antidote to noise distractions in the form of attire. The new Puma Golf x QGC apparel collection boasts a diverse selection of garments, including crewneck sweatshirts, graphic tees, and premium cable knit sweaters and half zips. This collection caters to those in search of a sophisticated aesthetic that encapsulates the spirit of summer and spring golf.

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Puma x Quiet Golf Club Clothing Collaboration-3

"As the culture of golf evolves, so do styles, and these changes are for the better," stated Mike Diaz, director of marketing for Puma Golf. "On the course, inspiration is increasingly being drawn from diverse industries such as fashion, street, and skate, and we found the ethos of Quiet Golf to be at the vanguard of this shift. Collaborating with a brand such as QG enables us to present a distinctive aesthetic that we perceive as a sustainable trend in the golf industry."

Puma x Quiet Golf Club Clothing Collaboration-4

The Puma x Quiet Golf Club Collection features an extensive range of garments, including headwear, pants, shorts, sweaters and polos; additionally, it contains a pair of limited-edition Puma Avant saddle golf shoes. Warm white, paisley, navy, chocolate, grey, and forest green are among the earthy hues that comprise the Puma Golf x QGC Collection, which is suitable for spring golf. Each individual object within the collection showcases a distinctive Puma Golf x Quiet Golf logo.

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Click here to browse the full collection, which is all available now.

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