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Mens Golf Outerwear

Golf Outerwear

We stock a large selection of mens golf outerwear, golf jackets & cover ups that are showerproof and most effective in blocking out the wind. Gore Windstopper golf jackets will offer unrivalled warmth in such blustery conditions.

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Mens Golf Outerwear

Whether you are looking for the perfect garment to offer protection from brief rain showers or a wind-proof golf jacket designed to keep the winter chill at bay, our collection of mens golf outerwear has something to suit everyone. Every piece in our golf outerwear range is constructed from premium technical fabrics that will elevate your game and ensure that you are prepared for everything your next round of golf, including the weather, has in store.

If you want to ensure that blustery conditions don't stop you from harnessing the full potential of your golf game, the Gore Windstopper range of golf jackets will help you to stay warm whilst still offering a full range of movement. Our collection also includes vests and lighter golf jackets, all of which are ideally suited to windy weather conditions but warmer temperatures. Brands in our collection include BOSS, Galvin Green, and Lyle & Scott.

Golf Outerwear FAQ'S

What kind of jacket can I wear on a golf course?

Subject to club rules, you can wear any kind of jacket on a golf course. However, it's important to choose one that is comfortable, doesn't restrict your movement when you're making a swing and gives you the right level of protection against the elements.


What is the best material for a golf outerwear jacket?

Unlike a golf waterproof, an outerwear jacket is normally just used to be a barrier from the wind, so will often be manufactured in a lightweight polyester. Polyester is a very rigid material in comparison to natural fibres, so is often mixed with lycra for stretch.

What is a golf hybrid jacket?

A golf hybrid jacket is a garment that combines the qualities and features of two products, a midlayer and an outerwear vest. The body section of a hybrid jacket is normally insulated or made from windblocking material, then the arms are softer and more stretchy.


How do you know if a golf jacket is the right size?

A golf jacket is the right size if it doesn't hinder your movement. Golf wind jackets tend to be narrower at the waist to prevent billowing, and broader at the shoulders to accommodate your swing. A jacket that fits well should be snug but un-restrictive when you play.