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Hit It Longer In Under Armour Drive Pro Golf Shoes

Under Armour Drive Pro Golf Shoes have now officially launched, specifically designed for golfers seeking a competitive advantage.

UA collaborates extensively with its golf athletes, including Maverick McNealy and three-time major winner Jordan Spieth, to develop performance-enhancing products in spiked and spikeless models, which cater to the requirements of golfers of varying skill levels.

Powered by the revolutionary Swing Support System, the new Under Armour Drive Pro and Drive Pro SL provide golfers with optimal performance, stability and traction.

The innovative 3-layer Swing Support System, which was co-created with the renowned bio-mechanic JJ Rivet, provides golfers with accurate diagonal and lateral support, whilst allowing them to maximise the force of their golf swing. The Swing Support System consists of three significant innovations that elevate performance to a new level while reducing the weight of conventional tour shoes on the market.

Incorporating Under Armour's newly developed custom S3 Spikes and the Tour Flex Pro Spike, intelligent traction is achieved from the foundation up. Designed in collaboration with Champ MacNeill Engineering and exclusively for Under Armour, the S3 Spikes are positioned at the ideal angle in the medial heel and lateral forefoot, to impede rotation during the golf stroke, thereby enabling you to generate additional force.

UA has created the solitary dual-density midsole in the history of golf. In areas where additional support is required, these shoes feature Under Armour's HOVR TM foam and Charged Cushioning TM to aid in foot guidance during the golf swing. By incorporating less dense HOVR foam on the medial side, your foot is more effectively supported during periods of maximum force application, facilitating a more streamlined weight distribution across the ball.

UA's Swing Support Strap is entirely integrated with the S3 Spikes and lacing system in the upper, facilitating an optimised 360-degree lock-in motion spanning from the medial instep to the lateral ball.The Drive Pro SL features similar advancements in both the upper and midsole, with the exception of some noteworthy modifications to it's spikeless outsole. The Drive Pro SL features a traction control plate and a hybrid outsole composed of rubber and TPU. The TPU outsole provides torsional rigidity and ground penetration, while the rubber outsole adds flexibility and friction to ensure that performance is not compromised when the spiked outsole is replaced with a spikeless one.

To further improve performance, each spikeless traction point has been mapped to a unique height and location within the sole. Through the elimination of uniformity, UA has successfully engineered an outsole that exhibits performance levels equivalent to spiked tour shoes.

"We are ecstatic to begin 2024 by introducing footwear that surpasses all others in the industry and enables golfers to improve their performance." TheDrive Pro Series has been in development for years, and we cannot wait to hear the opinions of golfers as they put them to the test on the course. By capitalising on Under Armour's distinctive technologies, including HOVR and the Swing Support System, we successfully developed a golf shoe that redefines performance innovation and distinguishes itself within the marketplace. — Jake Haley, Under Armour's Senior Product Line Manager for Golf Footwear."Golf is not a conventional 9-to-5 occupation. It is crucial to be outfitted with footwear that optimises your physical performance on the course, given the considerable amount of time we spend walking. I am in awe of the Drive Pro, an innovative product by Under Armour that seamlessly integrates style, performance, and comfort for the arduous days we spend on the golf course. I am eagerly anticipating the opportunity to personally demonstrate the influence that Under Armour has on the course through the introduction of the Drive Pro." Said Jordan Spieth.

The Under Armour Drive Pro golf shoes are available now with a one-year waterproof warranty. 4 colour options in the spiked version and 3 in spikeless.

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