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Mens Golf Gloves

Golf Gloves

We stock a vast selection of leather mens golf gloves and synthetic all-weather options, from premium brands like Titleist, FootJoy, TaylorMade, Mizuno & Under Armour. For golf rain gloves, look no further than the Sunderland MacWet pairs.

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Leather Golf Gloves & Winter Mitts

A perfectly fitted golf glove will provide additional grip and comfort throughout every swing and we stock a wide range of gloves to suit all standards of golfer. Premium leather gloves which will generally deteriorate quicker, through to all-weather pairs that offer the most durability but a lesser feel. Our collection includes a range of gloves from brands such as Mizuno, Under Armour, TaylorMade, FootJoy, and Titleist. If you're looking for golf gloves that will allow you to grip and swing well in rainy conditions, then the Sunderland MacWet range should be your next look.

No golfers shopping list is complete without seasonal accessories that will keep you out on the golf course all year round. Winter golf gloves are the perfect antidote to challenging weather conditions, allowing you to hold on to the club comfortably whilst also keeping your fingers warm. In particularly cold conditions, winter golf mitts are an ideal accessory to have in your golf bag, as they will ensure that you keep as much feeling as possible in your hands, so your scoring doesn't suffer throughout the colder winter months.

Golf Glove FAQ'S

How often should a golf glove be replaced?

Golf gloves are important to be able to grip the club with nice relaxed hands, especially during hot or wet weather. They will stretch and deteriorate over time, and more quickly with premium leathers. So really there isn't a set time, but when grip starts to go, it's time to re-invest.


Should golf gloves be tight or loose fitting?

A well fitted golf glove should feel snug across your fingers, knuckles and palm. It should be as tight as you can get it to fit, whilst still allowing you to make a fist when fastened. Don't worry if your fingers are too short for a glove, the fit across the palm and knuckles is most important.

Does it matter what hand I wear a golf glove on?

Traditionally, golf gloves are worn on a player's less dominant hand. For right-handed players this will be the left hand and vice versa for a leftie. It is important that the glove offers an ample amount of tack, whilst the club sits in your fingers and palm with a nice relaxed grip.


Can or should I wear two gloves when playing golf?

Wearing a pair of gloves to play golf is entirely a matter of personal preference. While one glove is usually worn on the leading hand, some find that two gloves offer a better grip, especially during wet or cold weather. Others may find that wearing two gloves will also minimise blisters.