Oakley’s dominance in golf sunglasses is undeniable with almost 50% of Tour Professionals choosing their eyewear. Not every golfer likes to wear sunglasses but if you are in the market for a pair then look no further, they may even help you read those 12ft birdie putts. Read more

At Function 18 we have a huge selection of golf sunglasses, including popular styles from leading brands such as Oakley golf sunglasses. A pair of sunglasses is essential when playing in sunnier conditions, not only do they protect your eyes from UV rays but they also ensure the sun’s glare stays out of your eyes – allowing you to target your swing correctly.

Polarized golf sunglasses are specially designed to adapt to changing weather conditions – allowing you to always have the best focus when you play. Even in the dullest of weather conditions, the sun’s glare can affect your vision when you play. Sunglasses ensure that you stay focused while protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays. Professional golfers have chosen leading sunglasses brand Oakley as their preferred choice.