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Golf Shoes

Mens Golf Shoes

A great pair of golf shoes will stabilise your feet, giving you a base from which to build your golf game. We stock hundreds of styles from leading brands including Nike, adidas, FootJoy, Under Armour & Puma.

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Golf Footwear

The perfect pair of mens golf shoes will offer great stability for your feet and ankles, providing the ideal base from which you can play your game. But let's not forget that they should also look great with your golf trousers and complete your slick on-course ensemble. So no matter which golf event it is that you have pencilled in, our unparalleled collection of first-class footwear has something to suit your style. It's our mission to help you find golf shoes that hit the mark, so we have a huge selection of both spiked and spikeless golf shoes, from numerous premium brands.

These include adidas, FootJoy, Ecco, Puma, Under Armour & Nike golf shoes. Select either a classic leather golf shoe with a timeless profile and cleated sole, that will provide maximum grip on all parts of the course. Or alternatively, you may prefer to leverage the advanced performance-focused capabilities of the latest spikeless golf trainers, with expertly moulded soles for maximum comfort. Tour Professionals will wear a mixture of spiked and spikeless golf shoes, depending on the course conditions, and the gradient of the fairways on which they will be walking. Why not browse our sale golf shoes collection.

Golf Shoes FAQ'S

What type of golf shoes should I buy?

The best golf shoes will offer excellent comfort, grip and maximum support. Often more comfortable with spikeless soles, here in the UK, golf shoes need to cope with wet ground conditions. Appearance is obviously important too & recently Nike golf shoes have replicated classic street trainers, to offer aesthetic appeal as well as functionality.


How should I care for my golf shoes?

After a game make sure you take care of your golf shoes, especially if they have become wet. Bang the soles together to remove any dirt and then use a soft brush and some water to clean the uppers. Add dubbin or a gentle polish to leather uppers to keep them pristine and prevent cracking, once they have slowly air dried.

How often should I replace my golf shoes?

It depends on how far you walk or how often you play. Your golf shoes should anchor you to the ground whilst you swing, and offer plenty of grip during your round as you walk between shots. If you notice that you slip under impact or at the top of your backswing then it may be time to change your shoes. First check the soles for clogging of grass, but if clean then check the tread.


Are running shoes ok for golf?

Running shoes or trainers are not acceptable as footwear at most golf courses, but the rules are becoming more relaxed. Many modern shoes do not have traditional spikes and are golf replicas of popular street trainer styles, but with moulded stud patterns. Nike trainers would not keep your feet dry on wet grass either, where as golf shoes are almost always waterproof.