Oakley Golf

Oakley golf clothing is designed for world-class athletes, those who see the limits of possibility as just another challenge. Oakley sunglasses look beyond industry standards, creating inventions and wrapping those inventions in functional art. Read more

From Oakley golf shoes to their complete range of sunglasses, Oakley is a familiar feature on golf courses around the world and favoured by tour professional players. Designed to aid the performance of world-class athletes, Oakley use innovation when creating their golf clothing, shoes and accessories to always ensure a strong level of performance and stylish designs that will cater to all preferences.

At Function 18 you will find a competitive selection of Oakley products including the tour professional choice that is Oakley golf sunglasses. Using the best industry standards, Oakley sunglasses not only protect the wearer from UV rays when out on the course but also help to minimise the sun’s glare – so that you can stay focused on the flag when you play.