adidas Golf Clothing

Synonymous with European sporting glory since the 1920's, adidas golf has taken the global golf clothing market by storm in the last few years. The famous three stripes are in glowing evidence at every professional golf event. Read more

adidas golf has a long and distinguished history of designing high-performance sports clothing and it should go without saying that their collections always reflect this rich and esteemed heritage. Leaving the plaid and pleats firmly to cliché, the latest adidas golf clothing edit prioritises superior technology, clean lines and classic cuts to ensure that your on-course apparel always equals the quality of your game.

adidas golf tops are favoured by both professionals and amateurs alike and make dressing to impress on the course a breeze. With clothing for all weather conditions, slipping a lightweight windproof and water-resistant adidas golf jacket into your sports bag will ensure that your game doesn't need to stop as soon as the rain clouds appear. adidas golf shirts are crafted from a range of ultra-comfortable materials that have built-in moisture-wicking, and thermal cooling capabilities, all of which guarantee that your sportswear sartorial credentials will be on point all year round.

Set yourself up for an exceptional game of golf and maximise the potential of your gameplay with a sleek pair of adidas golf trousers that will allow you to maintain your form, whilst also revelling in maximum comfort, from the first tee until your very last putt of the day. With everything from warm sweaters and game-ready accessories to comfortable adidas golf shorts and shoes, here at Function 18 you will find one of the most competitive collections of adidas clothing in the UK. Expert research and advanced technical development mean that for adidas, performance is always a priority.