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Summer Golf Waterproofs Buying Guide

Summer Golf Waterproofs Buying Guide

At Function 18, we have sought out the latest designs of summer golf waterproofs that combine flexibility, lightness and breathable fabrics.

With outerwear garments, golfers should be able to keep their cool and feel relaxed when the rain comes. Instead of feeling restricted, you can remain dry and swing freely. Our Summer 2015 product line-up features new designs from labels like Peak Performance, Nike and Oscar Jacobson - all of them tailored with the serious golfer in mind.

The Swedes do it well

One of our favourite names in modern golf attire is the Swedish brand Galvin Green. Galvin Green specialise in creating advanced golf waterproofs, many of them created with stretch fabrics, which also keep golfers cool in hot conditions.

Galvin achieve this tricky balance by using materials like single layer Paclite Gore-Tex. The Gore-Tex waterproof membrane includes millions of tiny pores which allow water vapour to escape, cooling the body. At the same time, they are small enough to prevent water droplets getting beneath the outer skin of the jacket. This keeps the golfer nice and dry, which is surely a winning combination.

Take the short sleeve option

Additionally, you can purchase golf waterproofs with short sleeves, which could be vital on those awkward days which blend high temperatures and showers. To complete the outfit and ensure total protection from the rain, there are also Paclite golf trousers available.

It’s all in the detail

Golf waterproofs like this have been designed with the average golfer in mind, and they respond to the conditions that golfers will face. You can see this in the little touches, like velcro chest and cuff tabs or the drawstring hem around the waist which allows the wearer to customise their jacket fit.

We all know that the weather can be unpredictable when we set out from the first tee. But how many of us are really prepared to keep our round going when the clouds open up? Instead of lugging around a bulky umbrella or struggling with rigid, old-fashioned waterproofs, it makes sense to wear high performance golf waterproofs that will allow your game to flourish in a summer shower.

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