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Play For The Ocean in adidas Golf x Parley

adidas collaborate with sustainability partner Parley to design and manufacture new eco friendly products, but until now, these have only been available in other sports.

Golf is the latest sport to be added to the adidas Parley lineup, with a new shoe available in very limited supply to start, the Tour360 XT Parley Knit, which looks absolutely stunning.

adidas Parley Tour360 XT Golf Shoes_F18 Blog_3

Parley’s sustainability mission strategy is split into four stages;

Air - raise awareness of the global problem of plastics being washed up into the oceans.

Avoid - try to lower the amount of plastics being produced and used worldwide.

Intercept - collect and redirect the ocean-bound plastic before it becomes a threat in our oceans.

Redesign - use intercepted 'Parley Ocean Plastic' to develop new eco-friendly products.

With the worlds oceans filling up with plastic at a staggering rate, Adidas are committed to making a change above the surface by creating products spun from Parley Ocean Plastic™. This is plastic that has been intercepted from entering the world’s oceans.
The TOUR360 XT Parley golf shoe is an eco-innovative solution turning the threat into a thread.
adidas Parley Tour360 XT Golf Shoes_F18 Blog_2
The Primeknit upper has been developed with adidas Parley Ocean Plastic™ and has an ocean-inspired design and colour scheme. 
adidas Parley Tour360 XT Golf Shoes_F18 Blog_4
TOUR360 XT adidas Parley golf shoes are spinning the problem into a solution.

Available here in very limited quantities  on Monday 10th July @ 16.00 BST.

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