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FootJoy Golf Shoes | The Hot 2016 Line Up

FootJoy Golf Shoes_DNA 2016FootJoy is one of golf’s most iconic brands, and for many players, choosing a pair of FootJoy golf shoes is second nature.

It’s easy to see why. FootJoy have achieved so much success by staying true to the traditions of the game of golf, while driving forward new innovations – and it’s that balance that makes their 2016 range so appealing.

If you are looking for a new pair of shoes as 2016’s season kicks off, the new collection from FootJoy is a great place to start. Here’s a peak at some of the most exciting designs coming out of the firm’s design house this year.

FreeStyle: A New Frontier In Golfing Fashion

The 2016 collection of FootJoy golf shoes revolves around the FreeStyle range. If this sounds like it could apply to skaters or snowboarders, that’s probably no accident. FreeStyle shoes have the same youthful, colourful appeal that is usually seen in modern trainers and sports shoes.

The difference is that FreeStyle shoes have been engineered for high-level golfers. For example, American player Hunter Mahan is a big fan, crediting FreeStyle shoes with providing optimum grip and enhanced mobility. They allow golfers to push forward off their right foot with added power, making the most of an athletic action, and keeping players well and truly anchored.

Innovative features include rounded “pulsar” cleats, an ultra-lightweight mesh upper and the eye catching semi-transparent soles. The end result is an attention-grabbing, high-performance shoe that ticks all the boxes.

DNA: The Classical Side Of FootJoy Golf Shoes

The other major offering in the 2016 range of FootJoy golf shoes is the firm’s DNA model. In this case, DNA stands for “Dry-Joys Next Advancement” – and they deliver pretty much everything a golf shoe should.

Unlike the FreeStyle collection, DNA shoes have a classic appearance, with predominantly white designs emblazoned with new sweeping side detail. This year, they have undergone a few subtle tweaks, while still keeping the iconic look and high quality standards of the past.

The SnugFit tongue is a key feature – providing unrivalled comfort and warmth for players, without restricting mobility. At the same time, MicroVent materials allow feet to breathe and the FoamCollar used in the shoe lining shapes itself to your feet, making each pair completely unique.

This year’s collection of FootJoy golf shoes includes traditional lace-ups, alongside a new arrival – the DNA BOA design. This shoe dispenses with laces, using a BOA closure system which is designed to pull the foot back in the shoe for a superior fit.

Enjoy Tour Quality Performance

FootJoy remains a go-to brand for leading players, and the 2016 collection will be a regular sight on tour this year. From Henrik Stenson to Kevin Na, leading pros rely on the comfort that FootJoy golf shoes provide.

Both the DNA and FreeStyle models have been enhanced for 2016, and reach new levels of comfort. So ensure that your feet are mobile, protected and comfortable, avoid any blisters and provide the perfect base for your golf swing by checking out the firm’s latest range here at Function18.

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