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adidas Stan Smith Golf Shoe | ZOZO Championship Limited Edition

Adidas_Stan_Smith_ZOZO_Golf_Shoe_F18_Blog-1In celebration of the ZOZO Championship and it's return to Japan, adidas have created an exclusive, limited edition colourway of the Stan Smith golf shoe. It will be available on Friday 15th Oct at 08:00 BST.

For this special adidas Stan Smith golf shoe collaboration, the textured PrimeGreen synthetic upper is all black, inspired by the ZOZO Championship’s event concept colour and the ZOZO company logo. The high-performance upper is also fully waterproof.


There is an extra special multi-colour (red/blue/yellow) outsole, which is inspired by the other colours found in the ZOZO company logo. Also inscribed on the golf shoe heel is the company’s philosophy: “Be Unique. Be Equal.” Which is the phrase that represents the company’s hope that we can all help create a world where both uniqueness and equality are of value.

The design is meant to capture this equality through an all-black upper, the result when all colours are mixed, as well as the uniqueness we all have has individuals, through the eye-catching multi-colour golf shoe outsole.


As with all previous adidas Stan Smith golf shoe silhouettes, the PrimeGreen upper is made in part with high-performance recycled materials as part of adidas' mission to help #END PLASTIC WASTE.

*Please note - These shoes will go on sale 08:00 BST on Friday 15th October, but will not be dispatched until 1st November.

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