Designed to balance the body's magnetic and electrical fields, TrionZ combines the therapeutic properties of magnets and negative ions, bringing you the most powerful complementary health product on the market today. Read more

TrionZ Sale

A TrionZ bracelet is specially designed to provide magnetic therapy to the body. A great product whether worn to support your lifestyle or for simply adding that stylish feature to your playing look. Many golfers around the world, both amateur and professional, choose popular products such as the TrionZ wristband to utilise magnetic therapy for pain relief or to improve their performance.

As well as magnetic therapy properties, TrionZ wristbands also come in a huge range of designs, from patriotic bracelets that showcase your home country to bright and colourful wristbands that are ideal for adding that subtle stylish feature to your look when you are out on the course. Using the latest magnetic therapy, improve your playing performance or simply add style to your playing look with a TrionZ bracelet or TrionZ Wristband from Function18.