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An uncompromising approach to quality, style and attention to detail has helped Stromberg build such a successful golf clothing brand over the past 10 years. Stromberg trousers continue to offer golfers style, performance and comfort. Read more

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With a strong expertise in producing men’s fashion, Stromberg took their passion for clothing to the world of golf in 2000 and haven’t looked back. Stromberg golf trousers have remained a central part of each collection that they design, providing style, comfort and most importantly, performance. Showcasing a constant attention to detail, whether it is in a pair of Stromberg golf shorts or a piece of Stromberg knitwear, you know that you are getting a leading level of quality by choosing Stromberg.

At Function 18 we offer a competitive selection of Stromberg golf clothing including polo shirts, trousers, shorts and knitwear – so whatever you need to complete your playing look you will find stylish yet practical pieces to suit all preferences right here at Function 18.