Lyle & Scott Golf

Appealing to the fashion conscious golfer, this Lyle and Scott collection combines athletic performance with style. Featuring the famous club green eagle these shirts and sweaters have become a golf clothing standard. Read more

For golfers who prefer their golf clothing to have that fashionable edge, Lyle and Scott Golf is just the ticket. A Scottish brand with a rich heritage in designing quality golf attire, providing smart and classic fits and designs that are certain to suit golfers of all style tastes.

Emblazoned with the famous Green Eagle, Lyle and Scott club clothing is an ever-present feature on golf courses around the world. Combining a sporty look with a timeless style, Lyle and Scott is a preferred choice amongst both amateur and tour pro golfers alike.

At Function 18 we offer a competitive selection of Lyle and Scott golf clothing. From trousers to jumpers, at Function 18 you will find all of the Lyle and Scott clothing you will need to stylishly kit out your entire playing look. Blending together high tech elements with a classical look, Lyle and Scott golf clothing will ensure that you look the part when you play.