Castore Golf Clothing

A brand taking sportswear to the next level, Castore clothing delivers the detail and precision that every discerning athlete expects. A unique combination of advanced engineering techniques and highly technical fabrics allows Castore menswear to rightfully claim its place at the forefront of sportswear innovation. Read more

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Castore sportswear is driven by a “Better Never Stops” philosophy, which fuels its mission to support and encourage athletes to strive to reach their maximum potential every time they train. From fully waterproof outerwear to streamlined golf shirts, mid layers and accessories, here at Function18 we are proud to stock an extensive selection of Castore sportswear. Each garment design is tested by professionals for 100 consecutive days before they are approved for production and release, which allows Castore to ensure its athletes always have the edge they deserve.

Athletes of all abilities who are looking to expand and enhance their sportswear wardrobe will be in exceptional company. Many top-tier athletes favour Castore Andy Murray being one of the most high-profile figures sporting this premium menswear range every time he steps out onto the court or to train. With a desire to design and deliver the most durable, highest performing and lightest range of sportswear available on the market today, it is no surprise that Castore has solidified its reputation as a brand that simply refuses to be constrained by any boundaries.

A genuine passion for innovation propels Castore clothing to consistently go above and beyond for its athletes. The integration of specialist features sets this sportswear brand apart from its competition and ensures that its customers are consistently able to optimise their athletic performance in all situations and conditions.