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Women may be admitted to St Andrews golf course

Female golfers could soon be packing their Galvin Green waterproofs for a round of golf on the famous St Andrew course.

The spiritual home of golf has remained an all-male club but it is now on the brink of allowing women to don their golf clothing and have a round.

St Andrews Golf Club's committee has written to its 2,000 members recommending that it allow female golfers into the club.

Agnes Tolmie, chair of the Scottish Women's Convention, said: "This is an absolutely fantastic initiative. We shouldn't have any area of the sporting world where women are excluded.

"It will send out a message in the area, particularly to the R&A, that it's time they thought again."

However the move has met with a mixed response from the Ladies Golf Union and Scottish Ladies Golfing Association, which have a number of female-only golf club members.

Both organisations see no problem with single sex clubs as often women who are admitted to previously men-only clubs receive more unfairness and sexism than they did previously.

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