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Which Golf Waterproofs? A Guide To The Latest Technologies

Golf Waterproofs - Technology

Unless you are a regular on the fairways of Dubai, every golfer has to deal with the odd deluge. Nobody wants to postpone a round that they have been looking forward to because of a little drizzle. This means that finding high-quality golf waterproofs is just as important as selecting the right putter, if you want to get the most out of your game.

Thankfully, the biggest names in golf fashion are constantly introducing new technology to keep golfers dry without restricting their swing. By using materials like stretch Gore-Tex, golf waterproofs can repel the rain, allow sweat to evaporate and feel completely natural. Rainwear is also getting lighter!

You won’t find that combination with bargain-basement jackets from your local store. The Pros always take care to choose jackets that suit their games, and if they want their game to stay in shape all year-round, amateurs should do the same.

To help you choose the right wet weather golf gear, here is a round up of the best performing golf waterproof fabric technologies.

Galvin Green Gore-Tex

Swedish brand Galvin Green have always specialised in golf waterproofs and use the most advanced waterproof material to allow golfers to play their best, whatever the conditions. All waterproof jackets in their collection use Gore-Tex technology to ensure that they are absolutely water-tight and breathable, whatever the weather. The Gore-Tex membrane contains many tiny pores that create breathability by allowing water vapour to escape, whilst preventing water droplets from penetrating.

Galvin Green offer a lifetime waterproof guarantee for Gore-Tex – evidence of how sure they are that their materials will last. Their jackets are also machine washable, making them an unbeatable choice for players who want to keep their game going strong all year-round.

The Aston range from Galvin Green uses Gore-Tex Paclite material to reduce weight and bulk, whilst providing as much protection as possible. The full stretch Aston jacket weighs in at only 340g.

A great summer material, Paclite jackets can be easily wrapped up and stored in your bag if the sun breaks through, but when they are really needed, they will provide superb protection without compromising on comfort.

If you need warm weather protection there are many Galvin golf waterproofs that include a mesh lining. This adds another layer that traps air and retains heat. The Albin jacket in stretch Gore-Tex is a favourite of ours at £239.95. The jacket as a whole weighs in at only 420g.

The beauty of Galvin Green Gore-Tex golf waterproofs are that they blend high quality design with the most advanced materials. The short and full-length zip options combine with bright colours to create a very attractive look.

Storm-Fit Hyperadapt from Nike

Nike’s Storm-fit Hyperadapt technology is the sports firm’s most successful foray into the golf waterproofs market. Seeking to blend the flexibility that golfers need with a high level of protection from the rain, the jacket has been used by power-hitters like Paul Casey to good effect.

In terms of golfing mechanics, the standard Hyperadapt jacket shines, featuring adjustable cuffs, allowing you to ensure that the jacket is well out of the way when you take your grip. With it’s 4-way stretchable construction, it will be a good option for golfers who really want to avoid the restrictive feel of traditional golf waterproofs, allowing them to concentrate on achieving a smooth swing. The jacket is relatively light at only 420g and the full zip version retails at £199.

The Storm-Fit Hyperadapt has the usual streamlined aesthetics that you would expect from Nike, with it's rubberised zips and sleek sculpted fit. The full-length zip makes it easy to slip on or off as needed. For those who want the half-zip look, Nike also offers the Storm-Fit Vapour Jacket, which is lighter at 320g. Both models are backed up with a 3 year waterproof guarantee and are available here.

These are excellent jackets for athletic power-players, or for holiday golf in warmer climates where there is always the chance of a shower.

You can read more about Hyperadapt here.

Footjoy DryJoys XP Tour

Footjoy have come to the golf waterproofs party as well, with an elegant range of weatherwear. The DryJoys Tour XP jacket, retailing at £139, is a great bit of kit with breathable materials used in its outer layer. This makes it cool to wear in warmer conditions, while the tricot liner still provides some insulation for players in autumn and winter.

The DryJoys Tour XP rainwear comes with a 3 year waterproof guarantee and also incorporates cutting edge 4-way stretch materials. This should provide enough flex to ensure a smooth follow through without the jacket feeling too restrictive. The combination of warmth, waterproof materials and high production values elevate the Tour XP above most competitors. A Tour XP jacket weighs in at 440g.

If you need lightweight protection, Footjoy also manufacture the Hydrolite range of golf waterproofs. The Hydrolite collection features downgraded 2-way stretch and 3 year guarantee, but they pack away smaller. with a full zip jacket weighing in at 320g. This should make them a great summer option.

WPS From Oscar Jacobson

Oscar Jacobson win the prize for wind protection with their WPS 3 layer garments. Products featuring this technology might not have the advanced flexibility of the others mentioned by the rival brands above, but they do have the added warmth provided by an added inner lining. This means that they are great for winter golf waterproofs.

Despite being slightly thicker than other jackets, the WPS 3 layer range still provides excellent freedom of movement and the polyester materials used are also fully waterproof. In fact, Oscar Jacobson offer a 5 year waterproof guarantee on all rainwear, showing how confident they are in their ability to protect against the elements.

With a weight of just 340g, the Merlin jacket which sells at £149 is a great addition to this season’s WPS collection, being quiet and comfortable at all times. On top of that, it also possesses the trademark elegance that Oscar Jacobson specialise in – with understated, attractive styling and simple but effective colour schemes.

Selecting the right waterproof is not an optional extra. In a game where you can spend five hours outdoors, it is vital to be protected against the rain and wind. A high-quality jacket from our favourite designers should be just what you need.

*Note - All weights quoted are for medium sized jackets.

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