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Golf Brands to Watch in 2015...

Golf Brands to Watch in 2015

As 2015 gets under way, the team here at Function18 have picked out 4 of the biggest Golf Brands to Watch in 2015.

From innovative products launching, to new golf lines arriving online here at Function18, be on the lookout for announcements for Golf Brands to watch in 2015 - from the following golf clothing brands this year…

Nike Golf The brand continues to gather momentum and top golfer Rory McIlroy was the inspiration behind Nike's new Lunar Control 3 golf shoe, available to buy online at Function18. The end result is a sleek, powerful shoe that allows ultimate control and stability.

An additional spike and advanced traction reduce the risk of slipping, allowing golfers to maintain their speed and rotation throughout the game, increasing the power of the swing. Great technical features put the golfer in control, whilst high-grade materials ensure a comfortable fit, designed for all-weather play.

Sunderland of Scotland Producing professional-standard golfing garments since 1911, this family business has been selected over the years to supply outerwear for major golfing tournaments - a true testament to its unique ability to understand the requirements of high-performing golfing apparel. Sunderland of Scotland Products not only look ultra-stylish, but they are equipped with the latest features to ensure a comfortable fit whilst playing the game. Breathable, lightweight, waterproof and windproof materials come as standard, protecting the wearer from the elements whilst keeping them cool when required. The new and eagerly anticipated spring/summer 2015 collection will be out imminently.

Oakley Among the most talked-about new products for golfers this year are the revolutionary Prizm golfing sunglasses from top brand Oakley. Available to buy from February, the glasses use cutting-edge technology that balances vision to perfection when on the golf course. Filtering out undesired light, the glasses optimise viewing capability, allowing a golfer to spot specific objects with precision and helping to improve overall performance in the game. As well as offering protection from the sun and boosting vision, the glasses look super-stylish too. We will be stocking a wider selection of Oakley sunglasses for the 2015 season.

Calvin Klein Golf Calvin Klein is one of the world's top fashion design houses, with a history dating back to 1968. The brand is famed for pioneering designer jeans and underwear, and Calvin has previously been listed as one of America's 25 most influential people of all time. The new range of golf wear from the much-favoured Calvin Klein brand will be available to buy online here at Function18 from March. As you'd expect from this leading brand, the collection is an eye-pleasing mix of men's apparel, offering stylish cuts, high-quality fabrics and sharp designs - ideal for the golfer who wants to look the part.

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