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Sunderland Golf And The "Next Generation" Of Waterproofs

sunderland-golfIf you are no stranger to playing golf in the driving rain and howling winds, you will probably be familiar with Sunderland Golf. Sunderland of Scotland is one of the truly great names in golfing attire, specialising in designing cutting edge waterproofs and outerwear for golfers who won’t let the weather get them down.

Sunderland Golf have been producing elegant, warm and extremely comfortable all-weather clothing since 1911. As the game of golf took hold in Scotland, enthusiasts looked for ways to enjoy their favourite game, even if a gale was blowing in from the North Sea. Sunderland stepped in to fill the gap, and they continue to lead the way in designing golfing waterproofs.

The firm has moved on since then, but as Managing Director Mikhel Ruia says, "our team here in Lanark, Scotland are inspired and proud to be custodians of the brand that Toby Sunderland and his family started way back in 1911."

Introducing a lifetime waterproof guarantee for Sunderland Golf products

The firm’s commitment to continual innovation was on display at 2015’s Harrogate Golf Show, where Sunderland Golf unveiled their 2016 golfing waterproofs collection. At Function18, we were seriously impressed with the Golf waterproofs on display.

The firm have invested heavily in developing new materials that can deliver warmth, waterproof protection and a high degree of flexibility. For example, their Whisperdry fabric is extremely lightweight and incorporates a 4-way stretch system to provide a natural feel when you play.


Sunderland Golf

Sunderland of Scotland are so confident in their production techniques that they are introducing a lifetime waterproof guarantee on selected products, which fall at very affordable price points. This is a revolutionary move in the world of golf clothing, suggesting that Sunderland have made huge strides in developing their designs.

As the firm’s Design and Buying Director, Ann Miller puts it, “By using superior fabrics and advanced construction techniques we are excited to introduce our lifetime waterproof guarantee on selected products, giving our customers complete confidence in our products.”

Sunderland Golf: Designing waterproofs for the Next Generation

The introduction of Sunderland’s lifetime waterproof guarantee is part of the firm’s Next Generation campaign. By blending high quality materials with cutting edge styles, Sunderland aim to make professional-level weather protection available for even the lowliest casual golfer.

The firm’s 2016 range will include dynamically styled jackets, with full and quarter-length zips, as well as adjustable collars and cuffs to provide optimum comfort. There will also be waterproof jackets to allow golfers to withstand everything from the blustery weather in coastal Scotland to occasional showers in Australia.

The overall aim is to deliver the most playable and protective waterproof jackets the game of golf has ever seen. If that sounds attractive and you are a golfer who doesn’t let a little rain to dampen your spirits, then the whole 2016 Sunderland Golf range will be available to order here in the new year.

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