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Snow Golf - 5 courses worth wrapping up for!

For the majority of golfers around the world, snow on the course means a visit to the 19th hole before heading home - but the latest snow golf craze is turning a snow storm in to a new adventure on the course!

The sport currently takes place in various events in locations around northern Europe, and with plans to expand the event roster in 2015, there has never been a better time to get out there and work on your snow golf game – just don’t forget your golf jacket!

Bjorkliden, Swedish Lapland

At this course 250km north of the Arctic Circle, snow golfers attempt to navigate their orange balls over nine holes of the existing summer course. Away from the specially flattened fairway and ‘whites’, the snowdrifts in rough areas can be three feet deep. The misery of shanking into such a hazard is occasionally lessened by the stunning light show of the Aurora Borealis.

Snow Golf

Uummannaq, Northern Greenland

This course has hosted the World Ice Golf Championship annually since 1997. As decreed by snow golf’s rulebook, holes here are enlarged to the size of winter holes in the conventional game. At close to 600km above the Arctic Circle, Uummannaq is the northernmost snow golf course in the world, while the only albatrosses likely to be sighted are those soaring overhead.

Snow Golf

Engadine Golf Club, Switzerland

Engadine, the location of the 34th Snow Golf Cup, is a snow course of some repute. 80 players tackled the nine holes, having to negotiate distances of between 120m and 180m. As in the traditional game, playing off the tee and from the fairways is a test of precision and balance. A clean strike of the ball with the very bottom of your club head just brushing the snow yields the best results. 

Snow Golf

Solden, Austria

The winter golf team at this Vacancia ski school host a Golf in the Snow event at their school atop the Otztaler glacier. Golf instructors are on hand to provide tutelage in the arts of putting and pitching on snow. Competitions in all disciplines and a nearest-to-the-pin tournament are held towards to the end of the event

Snow Golf

Megeve, France

The ski resort of Mont d'Arbois in the Rhone-Alpes region of south-eastern France will play host to the BMW Winter Golf event in February 2015. A snow golf festival will ensue, including street golf and tournaments for kids and amateurs, before the best snow golfers in the world compete to lift the BMW Winter Golf Cup.

Snow Golf

So if you are looking to battle the snow for a great game this winter, follow these essential tips:

  1. Purchase extra-large tees.
  2. Layer up to stay warm and comfortable (Read our latest blog post on multi-layering this winter)
  3. Take a warm flask of coffee/ tea to keep you warm.
  4. Use a brightly coloured golf ball!
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