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Slim Fit Winter Golf Trousers | 2016 Buying Guide

Slim Fit Winter Golf Trousers 2016Autumn is upon us, which means it is time to put the lightweight summer trousers to the back of the wardrobe and replace them with some seasonal alternatives.

Winter golf trousers are now manufactured in various colours by all the major apparel brands and the slim or tapered fit options often mirror those available in summer golf pants. This means that wearing a winter weight trouser no longer means a drop in the style stakes.

In the hope of playing more golf through the colder months, I have been trialling this season’s best winter golf trousers. Putting them through their paces and judging them based on fit, warmth and value.

I have been spoilt for choice with trouser options during the summer, with trousers like the Adidas Ultimate Tapered fit pant and Nike Modern Tech Pant, but the fabric used for both pairs of these trousers is lightweight and thin. The challenge is to find a pair of winter golf trousers that fit as well as these do but will keep me warm and possibly dry in bad weather.

These are the products that I decided to take to the course and road test...


Under Armour CGI Winter Golf Trousers

This pant fits like all my other 32 inch waist trousers, with there being a small bit of give due to a slightly elasticated waste. They are well insulated and offer good protection from the elements, using ColdGear Infrared technology to absorb & retain body heat. These pants also have a UA Storm treatment and are showerproof. They are a slim fit throughout, and sit nicely on top of a golf shoe.


Under Armour Golf CGI Trousers 2016

Fit - 4/5 - Nicely tapered and slim leg fit.

Warmth - 5/5 - Well insulated using ColdGear Infrared technology.

Value - 4/5 - £64.99 is definitely a good price for a winter golf trouser of this quality.

Available in 5 colours


Calvin Klein Bionic Trousers

These trousers measure as the waist size suggests. I was instantly impressed with the warmth of these pants, and their fleece like lining, which is great for winter golf. These are also slightly water repellent, but unfortunately are a loser fitting pant.


Calvin Klein Golf Bionic Trousers 2016

Fit - 3/5 - Lose fitting with plenty of room in the leg.

Warmth - 4/5 - Thick fleece lining to block out the cold.

Value - 4/5 - At £69.99 these are a solid winter golf trouser and the price shouldn't put you off.

Available in 2 colours


Galvin Green Nevan Trousers

These Galvin trousers are a nice fit in the leg and true to size on the waist. The Nevan trousers also held up very well on the course; I didn't feel the cold and water from a light shower was brushed off easily. Out of all the trousers I tested, these felt best for material and manufacturing quality, incorporating thermal technology but still being lightweight.


Galvin Green Nevan Thermal Trousers 2016

Fit - 4/5 - Not overly slim but fit very nicely indeed.

Warmth - 5/5 - Provide excellent warmth and the expected Galvin Green performance is evident.

Value - 4/5 - The most expensive of our winter golf trousers at £99.95, but you get what you pay for.

Available in 3 colours


Oscar Jacobson Thermal Tech Trousers

This trouser must measure around an inch bigger on the waist, on first try I instantly felt that I needed to go down a size. They are also a straight leg, rather than tapered. They didn't appear to contain as much tech as the other trousers in the test, and the fabric wasn't as well insulated. The Dave thermal was a pretty loose fit and had a tendency to flap around the top of the shoe.


Oscar Jacobson Golf Thermal Tech Trousers 2016

Fit - 3/5 - Nicely styled winter golf trousers but a straight leg cut didn't give the desired fit.

Warmth - 3/5 - Slightly less insulation from the bonded fabric used by OJ.

Value - 3/5 - At £89.99 this trouser is high end and better value options are available.

Available in 4 colours


Adidas Ultimate Fall Weight Pants

I can wear a 30 and 32 inch waist due to the inner stretch waistband in these trousers. Advertised as a tapered fit, similar to the Ultimate Tapered Fit Pant and I liked the fit, but these pants didn't taper to the hem in the same way. Not advertised as water repellent but small amounts of water brushed off these trousers. The Fall weight fabric was definitely up to the job and retains heat well.


Adidas Golf Fall Weight Trousers 2016

Fit - 5/5 - Slim in the upper leg and tapering to the hem. These are a great fit.

Warmth - 4/5 - A nice thick trouser with plenty of warmth.

Value - 5/5 - At £49.99 these winter golf trousers cannot be beaten on value.

Available in 3 colours

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