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Ryo Ishikawa 'thinking of people in Japan'

Japanese golf star Ryo Ishikawa has said his thoughts are with the people affected by the earthquake and tsunami in his home country.

He said that he wished he could do something to help the tragedy struck nation.

"In reality, even if I were to go back, there is very little that I could actually do. I couldn't bring them a whole lot of food or go back into the areas that were hit. We're not allowed in there right now," he added.

Instead Ishikawa said he will don his golf clothing and play his best so he can provide some good news for the people of Japan.

"I would like to perform at my best with them in my thoughts," he added.

Ishikawa has confirmed that his family in Japan are all safe and has been able to have daily contact with them.

Ryo Ishikawa is known for his bright and bold golf clothing, having caught US fans' eyes when he wore a bubblegum pink outfit to the 2010 US Open.

He has also played in lime green golf trousers and favours bold checked prints.

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