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Puma Golf Shoes | Titan Tour Ignite Arriving In 2016

Puma Golf Shoes - Titan Tour Ignite 2016Due to land early next year, the new range of Titan Tour Ignite Puma golf shoes could be 2016's hottest footwear development.

You’ll never find a professional golfer taking to the course in uncomfortable footwear. They know how important it is to feel at ease as you take your stance, and through impact (as well as the value of preventing blisters as they walk the monster courses that they confront). The Titan Tour Ignite is Rickie Fowler's preferred choice.

At Function18, we constantly offer new designs of golfing footwear from the game’s greatest brands like Footjoy, Nike and Puma. If you need a new pair of shoes as you step up your game, 2016 is shaping up to be another great year for the footwear sector, with an impressive range of designs hitting the shelves.

We’ve tried all of them on, hit a few buckets of balls and really put them through their paces. In our opinion, Puma’s 2016 Titan Tour Ignite range could be the best of the bunch.

Puma Golf Shoes - Titan Tour Ignite 2016_Top

Ignite your game with Puma golf shoes endorsed by Rickie Fowler

Most people who follow professional golf will have encountered the Titan range, if only by watching Rickie Fowler play. Rickie is the brand’s flagship ambassador, and these shoes reflect his personal passion for great style and performance.

Puma golf shoes are billing the Ignite selection as the most advanced line of footwear they have ever brought to market. Having slipped them on, we can agree. The sportswear firm has taken advice from its running department, adding a special material called Ignite foam to their golf designs, which seamlessly moulds the shoe to the wearer’s foot shape. This cushions the foot through impact, when strong forces act on the heels, helping to convert these forces into energy that sends the ball soaring down the fairway.

Puma Golf Shoes - Titan Tour Ignite 2016_Side

Temperature regulation to keep you cool in any environment

One of the biggest developments in recent years has been the introduction of advanced techniques to keep golfer’s cool and comfortable, even in sweltering temperatures. Puma are in the forefront of applying sports science to allow golfers to swing easily at the height of Summer.

The PWRCool technology incorporated into the Titan Tour Ignite range of Puma golf shoes effectively transports moisture and heat away from the skin of the wearer, avoiding the discomfort of moisture build up and enhancing the experience of golfing in the sun.

With the range of technological features included in these shoes, it’s no wonder that pros like Alvaro Quiros and Rickie Fowler have embraced them for Tour play. They wouldn’t think of using shoes that lacked temperature regulation or comfort, and you don’t need to either. Everyone you can tee up in complete comfort just like their favourite pros, and having tried these shoes out, we heartily recommend it.

If you’ve ever felt sore after 36 holes, but thirsted for more action the next day, you will appreciate the value of high quality footwear, and these Puma golf shoes should be exactly what serious players need.

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