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Poulter set for world domination thanks to IJP Designs golf clothing

Professional golfer Ian Poulter is on target for world domination thanks to the popularity of his golf clothing label IJP Designs.

According to the Daily Telegraph, the golfer is set to take the golf clothing world by storm, which will definitely feed Poulter's golf ego.

The paper claims that his sartorial style has come in for plenty of derision from other golfers - with even Tiger Woods giving the player hassle about his choice of bright colours and bold patterns - but his collections have proved hugely popular and have earned the player a small fortune.

Speaking to the news provider, Poulter said: "I've always been a fan of clothes, ever since I was little, but I could never afford the really nice ones."

"That's where the want to be successful comes from. As a kid, I was obsessed with presentation wherever I could be," he concluded.

Recently, Poulter claimed that he wants to bring his poor run to an end at the tournament in Augusta.

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