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PING launches new putter app

PING has launched a brand new application that helps golfers improve their putting – an element of the game which can be very costly if not executed correctly.

The free app provides a go-anywhere putting improvement tool that analyses a golfer's stroke type, the impact angle and the tempo.

After a number of putts the application can record consistency in each area and establish a putting handicap (PHcp), which reduces as a player improves their consistency.

John A Solheim, PING chairman and chief executive and son of the founder of the company, said the new app continues the firms tradition of innovation in golf.

"It works like a launch monitor for putters by measuring key aspects of your stroke. It will help every level of golfer see better results by adding more consistency on the putting green," he explained.

Three different modes are available on the app; measure mode, practice mode and compare mode, the latter of which allows golfers to match their results with previous session or with friends.

PING recently launched a new range of golf clothing accessories so players can now look good and improve their putting thanks to the firm.

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