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Oakley Prizm™ Golf Technology Coming Soon At Function18...

15 years in the making, Oakley Prizm™ is the latest lens technology from leading sports brand Oakley; helping to fine tune vision for specific sports and varied environments.

Popular within the Ski industry, this evolutionary lens technology has been carefully designed by Oakley using precision colour tuning to enhance the human eye's ability to perceive specific details. The unique lenses emphasise colours where the eye is most sensitive to detail, helping to improve performance and vision without the compromises of conventional lens tints.

For the first time, lenses have been purpose-built specifically for the beautiful game of golf and the benefits of this visionary technology have the potential to become key game changer for the sport.

Oakley Prizm


HOW PRIZM™ TECHNOLOGY WORKS? Using specially engineered lens tints, Oakley Prizm™ lenses are carefully designed to ensure that you get the right balance of colours for your environment, so, instead of everything looking dull and dark - you get a clear, un-tinted view.

This unique technology cleverly filters out the background “noise” of light that interferes with vision while emphasising the colours you need to see for optimal performance, specifically designed for the golfing environment.

To perform to the best of your ability on the golf course, having a clear, unobstructed view is essential. Many golfers fail to realise is that not all golf sunglasses are equally as protective and effective, and the launch of Prizm™ golf lenses is set to change all this.

These are the winning features offered by these advanced lenses:

Visual acuity

Helping to refine visual acuity so you see more clearly and ultimately can react faster!

Neutralising colours

Helping you to clearly spot specific objects on the green or the definition and gradient on fairways. Improving the contrast between the cyans and greens of healthy grass and the yellows, oranges and reds of the rough.

Movement track

Helping to optimise your ability to see and track moving objects in your periphery.

Performance and safety

All of the above features will ultimately help you compete to the best of your ability.

The lenses are available in three shades, specifically one shade for golf, and in a wide variety of frame styles, ensuring there's a solution that's right for you.

The new PrizmRadarLock, Half Jacket 2.0 and Flak Jacket XLJ lines will be available from Function18 in February 2015!

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