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Nike Lunar Control 4 | Next Level Stability & Style

Nike Lunar Control 4 Golf ShoesWhen Rory McIlroy gets excited about a pair of golf shoes, it makes sense to listen. Currently, Rory is singing the praises of his new Nike Lunar Control 4s, and it’s not hard to see why.

The Lunar Control 4 have immediate visual appeal – with their zig-zag stitching, streamlined form and the iconic Nike swoosh. The use of colour and the attention to detail in the stitching give them a dynamic look, but there’s plenty of substance to back up the aesthetics here.

Nike Lunar Control 4 Golf Shoes_4

These Nike golf shoes aren’t solely about good looks and endorsement from one of the world’s greatest golfers. There’s some theory behind them to, and it applies to even the humblest golfer.


Nike Lunar Control 4 Golf Shoes_3

Shoes that create a stable foundation for your swing

Not all amateurs realise it, but when the club-head reaches the impact zone, any golfer is creating a huge amount of force, which is channelled straight into their feet. To make a successful strike, you need to remain stable as you enter that impact zone. This is exactly what the Nike Lunar Control 4 model delivers – improved stability and control.

The designers have also included new features to make these Nike golf shoes feel natural at every point in the swing. The middle of the foot is supported by the firm’s “Flywire” technology, the uppers are made from an advanced lightweight microfiber material and the sole provides cushioning against long spells of walking and the strain created by the golf swing.

The Lunar Control 4 produce such a natural feel that you will be able to concentrate on getting your swing mechanics right, instead of feeling the pain from poorly made golf shoes.

Nike Lunar Control 4 Golf Shoes_2

Join the golfing gods with Nike Lunar Control 4

These shoes were developed in conjunction with McIlroy. He hasn’t simply given his name to the company. These are shoes that incorporate his own concerns about comfort and the needs of golfers. That’s why they pay so much attention to stability. With such a fast swing, McIlroy values stability extremely highly. He needs the confidence to be able to exert such massive force, and having a reliable base supplies this.

Even though you probably can’t swing at 120mph, stability could still be key to your game. The Lunar Control 4 Nike Golf shoes are now available at Function18, so if you have felt your feet slipping, or you need some extra support where it counts, give them a try.

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