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Nike Golf Shoes For Winter | Lunar Bandon 3

Nike-Golf-Shoes-Lunar-Bandon-3-4The release of Lunar Bandon 3 Nike golf shoes is certainly a bold one, as we have now come to expect from the Swoosh. Whilst they may not be a necessity for the worlds elite, who travel the globe, playing predominantly in glorious sunshine, they are sure to be in high demand as the cold, wet weather sets in for us mere amateurs.

The Nike Lunar Bandon 3 is sure to turn heads no matter what the weather, with a high top feature that is completely waterproof. But if your ankles are in need of some air the high tops can be rolled down to reveal a stylish camouflage lining. It has to be said that these Nike golf shoes wouldn’t look out of place on a basketball court.



Unbeatable weather protection from Bandon Nike Golf Shoes

The new Nike golf shoes are packed full of technology so that serious weather protection can be expected, the shoe comes complete with a seam lined upper and zipper providing shroud closure. As well as the Nike power platform which stabilizes your foot allowing more power through impact. The design certainly challenges the norm that is expected of a golf shoe, but still contains all the same technology and more.



The Lunar Bandon 3 is set to be people’s number one partner winter league partner, a key ally when you’re battling the elements as well as your opponents. The shoes have been designed to provide a comfortable home for your feet on the harshest days of winter.


Whether you’re playing on rain drenched fairways or ice-crusted greens, the Lunar Bandon 3 will give you the edge. The brand new Nike Golf shoes are available in a large range of sizes from Function18 now.

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