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Nike Golf Autumn Winter 2014 range now online...

Nike Golf

The latest range of performance technology now allows golfers to move freely without feeling constricted by their jumper or t-shirt, and the new Nike Performance Autumn Winter range is the perfect example of how the industry’s top sports brands are designing clothes lines that perfectly blend style with functionality.

Performance Technology & Materials

Fashion and golf have a notoriously interesting relationship but whatever your style preference, it is important to ensure your clothes feature the latest performance technology. The Nike Golf range features trousers made from slim fit spandex and t-shirts made from sweat-resistant polyester to help you perform to the best of your ability on the green.

Technical innovations are giving the game an edge when it comes to fashion nowadays and golf clothes are commonly endowed with a variety of technical features including stretch panels, sunlight-blocking fabrics, and trousers with breathable vents and materials that are moisture-proof to reduce sweating. Many of the pros such as Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson enjoy wearing cut-off shirts to allow for an easy swing motion but with the new technology performance being implemented into modern materials, it is now easy to wear all kinds of clothes and still be able to move without any restrictions.

Use of Colours

Young talents such as Camilo Villegas enjoy pulling on bright colours and many of the new pieces  in the Nike Golf range include cover-ups in eye-catching hues such as Purple Haze and Action Red. Other popular hues in the collection include grey, black and white and a splash of pink colour is often added in the form of the famous Nike tick or as a colourful side panel.

Fashion trends on the green vary from classic tartan prints often worn by the likes of Adam Scott through to the smart suits adorned by Tommy Armour but whatever golf clothes you choose to wear, it is vital to ensure they are easy to play in- and the new Nike performance collection certainly guarantees this!

Shop the new Nike performance collection online today at Function18.

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