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Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour | Brooks Koepka Collab

Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour_F18 Blog

Nike Golf has collaborated with Brooks Koepka to bring us the Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour golf shoe. Pushing the boundaries once more, to create the most innovative golf shoe in the company's history.

Comfort has always been high priority for golfers and the tour Professionals are no exception. During many practice sessions Brooks wore Nike running shoes, so the idea for the Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour was born from there. A golf shoe designed to provide speed and comfort, leveraging maximum energy return from the ground up.

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Back in Novemeber 2017, Nike was asked by Koepka to develop a running shoe that he could play tournament golf in. Sounds like an easy concept right? However, with the power that Brooks creates through his 128mph swing speed, a running shoe with some cleates "bolted on" was never going to cut it. The Nike Golf designers went to work and the Infinity Tour was conceptualised.

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How it works -

Golfers lose kinetic energy through their feet every time they swing the golf club, but the Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour steps in to re-distribute and minimise this energy loss.

By looking at pressure map data, Nike designers were able to position traction elements on the shoe, for an ultimate return on movement. Thus creating a holistic system that transfers more power up the swing chain. Other crucial design considerations were fit (to reduce foot movement in the shoe), ride (for highest level energy retention) and traction (for zero slip).

The Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour is the company's most innovative golf shoe to date, and a project that could only happen thanks to footwear technology from other Nike categories.

  • First tested on the basketball court in Kevin Durant’s KD12s, Nike Zoom Stroble technology and moderator plate provides the structure, comfort and energy return needed in golf.
  • The high performance weather-resistant Nike Flyknit technology was taken from the Mercurial Superfly and Vapor 360 football boots.
  • Nike REACT foam and design elements from Nike Running’s Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit brings game changing comfort to the fairways.

The Nike Air Zoom Infinity Tour will be available here at in April 2020.

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