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New spike and ball cleaner launched

Heavy downpours in the summer months can leave the top surface of grass very wet under foot.

Wet ground can clog up the spikes on your golf shoes and there is nothing worse than getting your clubs out to find them covered in mud.

Thanks to CHAMP Golf's new Prosoft 2 spike and ball cleaner these problems could be a thing of the past.

The latest game-improving design features dual hardness bristles to deep clean all spikes and clubfaces.

CHAMP's new tool features 23 scientifically-designed bristle sets which remove grass, dirt and sand where it can congregate in the spikes of golf shoes.

Twelve firm bristles aggressively clean the centre of the golf shoe spikes, and 11 medium-density bristles sweep away excess debris.

The Prosoft 2 brush is also equipped to remove dirt and sand from the face of clubs, ensuring clean contact with the ball, and no loss of spin or reduction in control off the clubface – resulting in consistent ball striking and lower scores.

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