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The New Adidas Boost Golf shoes...

Adidas Boost Golf shoes

Like everyone else in the golfing world, we were eagerly awaiting the release of the Adidas Boost golf shoes.

The Adidas Boost golf shoes are a game-changer in the world of golfing footwear. Previous Adidas Boost running trainers have been hugely popular, but never before have Adidas used the Boost technology in a pair of golf shoes. It has been worth the wait!

Adidas Boost Golf Shoes: Adding Power to Your Game

Adidas golf shoes have taken things to the next level with revolutionary cushioning technology that could provide vital ‘Adipower’ when you need it the most. The Adidas Boost, now available from Function 18, offers unparalleled responsiveness, comfort and energy return.

It is the first time that boost technology has been used in golf shoes. Thousands of energy capsules have been fused together to store and release energy in the most efficient way possible at every stage of your swing, meaning every ounce of your energy will count when it comes to hitting those important shots.

Traditional types of foam used in shoes can soften and harden dramatically depending on the temperature. The ‘Boost’ offers consistent cushioning that responds to your needs, regardless of the conditions on the course.

Adidas Boost Golf shoes

The Ultimate in Comfort and Performance

Yet more revolutionary technology makes slipping a thing of the past. Innovative gripmore technology incorporates a range of cleats on the outsole of the shoes to increase stability and traction when it is needed the most.

Adidas Boost Golf Shoes provide optimum comfort levels thanks to a fitfoam sockliner, an external heel counter, a fitsleeve tongue and a secure lace-in saddle. Boost technology has previously been used extremely successfully in a range of other sports shoes, and now the perfected technology is on offer to golfers.

The shoes are the result of extensive player and forceplate testing and feedback from real players over the course of a year. Find out why some of the top players in the world have been won over by this new technology by ordering yours today.

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