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Lee Trevino urges Tiger Woods to ditch his coaches

Not a day goes by without somebody talking about Tiger Woods, and Lee Trevino is the latest man to have his say.

But the 71-year-old, who won six Majors in his golf clothing, has not joined the queue of people looking to stick the boot in - he's offered his advice.

Trevino has urged Woods to get rid of his coaches and start from scratch, believing it to be the only way the former world number one will rediscover his winning form.

"My suggestion to Tiger Woods - which I don't know will ever happen - is to get rid of all these people," the golf legend told ESPN.

He was referring to the numerous swing coaches Woods has been working with, including Canadian-born Sean Foley, the latest man whose help he has enlisted.

However, Trevino stated his belief that Woods would eventually win again, simply because "he's too good a player" not to.

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