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Golfers urged to take out golf insurance

Spending money on new golf shoes, golf clubs and a motorised trolley is all well and good, but what happens if they get stolen or lost?

This is where golf insurance comes in, particularly for the dedicated golfers that have expensive gear to go with their top of the range golf clothing.

Bob Warters, editor of, said it is best for golfers to make sure they are fully covered for their equipment's replacement as new.

Mr Warters admitted that he has only recently taken out golf insurance after 40 years of playing the game and 20 years in the golf media.

"I've decided that I've both written and read so many stories about the small print in house insurance which can prove a minefield and £60 for golf insurance is a small price to pay for peace of mind," he explained.

Golfers considering buying the new £2,000 trolley launched last week by Snooper should certainly consider taking out some form of golf insurance.

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