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Golf clothing 'plays an important role in the game'

The attention golfers pay to their golf clothing is gathering pace as professionals and amateurs are becoming more aware of how they present themselves stylistically.

Sean Hotchkiss, founder of the Khaki Crusader, said that the fit of golf clothing, attention to detail and more mainstream fashion consciousness have continued to develop in the game.

He explained that the growing number of young golfers on the tour, such as Rickie Fowler and Ryo Ishikawa, are pushing style and golf clothing decisions to the next level.

Function is all important in golf clothing but more and more players are beginning to add a touch of flair to their on-course threads.

Golf shoes are a particular area of change in recent years as casual or street-inspired golf shoes now rival traditional footwear on the market.

"I think today's player, versus the player of ten years ago, doesn't see such a difference in his attire for golf and his attire for living," Mr Hotchkiss added.

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