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Footwear is crucial for summer sports

As all golfers know, finding the right golf shoes can be the making or breaking of their game, particularly in the summer months.

However, the positive effects of the correct golf shoes can be negated by the wrong choice of socks, according to Running Fitness Magazine.

David Castle, editor of Running Fitness magazine, said that it is "incredible important" to find the right footwear and socks for summer sports.

"People focus so much time, money and effort on choosing the right shoes, they often forget that all that good work can be undone by wearing a sub-par sock," he explained.

"Socks can be almost as important as the shoes themselves," Mr Castle noted.

He went on to recommend a lightweight performance sock when playing sport in the summer and also warned people not to go sockless as there could be a heavy price to pay – "the blisters from hell".

Jon Lipsey, editor of Men's Fitness magazine, recently claimed that "wearing the right footwear can make you perform better".

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