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Footwear can influence sporting performance

People planning to pull on a pair of golf shoes and head out onto the course this summer must ensure they are comfortable with their footwear.

According to Men's Fitness magazine, wearing the right footwear when playing sport is vital.

Jon Lipsey, editor of the publication, said that "wearing the right footwear can make you perform better".

As for leaving your socks at home in a bid to stay cool, Mr Lipsey says that is a no no.

"Not wearing the right socks is likely to leave you with painful blisters. Some sports socks are designed with two layers, so when the movement from your shoes causes the outer layer of the sock to rub it grinds against the inner layer, rather than your skin," he explained.

A recent study the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists found that over three-quarters of people (77 per cent) confess to not wearing sports shoes designed for the sport or fitness activity they participate in.

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