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FootJoy Pro SL Golf Shoes | UK Launch 8th Feb 2017

Footjoy Pro SL Shoes_F18 BlogSome tour pros believe that wearing the right footwear is as important as choosing the clubs in their bag, which is why the release of the FootJoy Pro SL is so exciting for many.

Having a stable foundation and a solid swing can make the difference between a wild tee shot and the perfect drive, but also, well-made shoes prevent discomfort that can wreck your composure. Few pairs of shoes are as well-made as the FootJoy Pro SL, which launch in early 2017. Don't miss them.

The Choice of Beef, Scott and Westy

The FootJoy Pro SL has been embraced by pros like Beef Johnston, Lee Westwood and Adam Scott, and they will definitely be sporting the new edition as they show off their skills in 2017.

It's sleek, attractive design is a world away from old-fashioned spikes. Instead, the Pro SL resembles a pair of trainers, and incorporate many of the design features of shoes worn by elite basketball or tennis players.


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A Suite of Specialist Features to Add to Your Game

The Fine Tuned Foam in each shoe moulds itself around the player’s foot, allowing for a unique, supple fit. When you take your stance, you will feel completely at ease from the ground up, and ready to hammer your tee shot straight down the middle.

At the same time, the perimeter weighted outsole balances the shoe beautifully. In golf, balance is everything, and the Pro SL evenly spreads your weight, helping you to wind up and swing through without swaying or tilting.

FootJoy have also worked on the exterior of the shoe. The ChromoSkin leather delivers optimal protection against the rain without adding any extra weight or compromising the fit of the shoe. In hot conditions, the Pro SL will be cool and light. When it rains, you can be sure that your socks will stay bone dry.


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Feel Confident from the Ground Up With the FootJoy Pro SL

These features combine to produce a golf shoe that isn’t just stylish and comfortable. The reason pros flock to Footjoy designs like the Pro SL is that they enhance their game.

When you feel your swing from the ground up and need to remain stable throughout, having the right shoes is vital. If you want to feel next level stability and comfort in 2017, a pair of FootJoy Pro SL should be on your wish list, and you will be able to find them here at Function18.



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