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Folding golf shoes the answer to clubhouse rules?

A problem that is experienced by amateur and pro golfers alike is that of what to do with your spikes once you've finished your round and are heading to the clubhouse.

Many refuse admission in spikes, but the tempting first drink after your round is beckoning.

Well, according to Golf Magic, Redfoot has created a brand new folding golf shoe which can fit effortlessly into your golf bag and weighs next to nothing.

The shoe features Redfoot's patented split-sole technology and the firm believes it provides an answer to the dilemma of what to do with your spiked golf shoes after a round.

Redfoot's shoe has been designed to offer the comfort and support of a regular loafer but take up half the storage space and add as little weight as possible to your golf bag – nobody wants to be lugging a pair of extra shoes round the course.

In other news, both ECCO and Ashworth recently launched a new range of golf shoes.

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