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Ecco Cage Evo Golf Shoes | F18 Review By Dom Rosney

Ecco Cage Evo Golf ShoesInside the Cage

Brand new for 2016 from this Danish premium footwear brand, the Ecco Cage Evo golf shoe with DiP wrap system is designed to vastly improve walking comfort and foot support. Having had more than 50 years at the top in street shoes, Ecco have now developed the ‘Cage’, and as soon as it arrived at F18 H.Q. I couldn’t wait to see if it lived up to the billing.

The unique patented cage/sole design is built to absorb impact, and bring the wearer closer to ground than ever before. The Ecco Cage Evo combines a Direct Injection Process (DiP) wrap-system with a water repellant man made upper, complete with Ecco’s ‘freedom fit’ which aims to create a snug heel setting with a roomier forefoot allowing the toes to move naturally.

First Impressions

The Ecco Cage Evo is certainly a design statement and is available in a range of bold colours. The one-piece DiP cage is prominent and visibly wraps around the heel and then continues through the midsole and around the forefoot of the shoe, which certainly caught the eye on first glance.

Behind the mesh of the Cage is where the main colour features, with flashes appearing elsewhere on the shoe, on the sole and laces. It may not be to everyone’s taste but I would certainly say that the Ecco Cage Evo is distinctive in it’s look, modern and cutting edge, not something that can always be said about Ecco golf shoes. I don’t think that the images on our website do it justice and it looks great in the flesh. I definitely got a strong sense of quality when I saw the shoe up close.

Ecco Cage Evo Golf Shoes 2Ecco in Action

As we have come to expect from the Danes, the Ecco Cage Evo shoe offers unrivalled comfort, straight out of the box. Looking down on the shoe from above, the front is rounded and feels spacious around the toes. I didn’t feel the need for a ‘wearing in’ period before I took these to the course, unlike the majority of other footwear brands that I’ve worn.

The brash colouring and ECCO branding make the laces standout, they won’t be to the taste of every golfer, however, I think the Cage comes in to it’s own when going through the swing motion, and it provides a rigid and very stable base. The modern shoe upper provides full waterproofing and has been given the Hydromax workout from ECCO, this combined with the one piece design of the Cage ensures there are no weak spots for water to penetrate, and considering some of the golf courses I play in the North West of England, this is a massive plus.

I, like many fashion conscious golfers, have bought shoes in the past based purely on looks and have suffered through the discomfort of wearing them in. With all Ecco shoes, I’ve found that comfort is a guarantee from the word go.

I found that keeping the Cage shoes clean is not the easiest job, but would say it’s comfort and function are worth the labour.


The Ecco Cage Evo HydroMax and it’s futuristic design might not be everybody’s cup of tea, however, if you are looking for 5 star comfort, top quality materials and craftsmanship, mixed with the best science and technology available, this shoe is definitely for you.

Comfort - 5/5

We would challenge you to find a comfier cleated shoe at this price point.

Value - 4/5

This kind of comfort is definitely worth paying for.

Sizing -

True to size. EU sizing but Ecco’s size guides are accurate and a big help. All Ecco shoes have a generous width to accommodate all feet.

The Ecco Cage Evo is on sale now and can be purchased from Function18 by clicking here.



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