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Ecco Biom Hybrid | Changing perceptions of the golf shoe

Ecco Biom Hybrid

Modern golf is as much about technology as technique. The top pros all take care to have exactly the right equipment, from clubs and balls, to clothing, caps and shoes.

Footwear is one area where everyday golf has changed dramatically in recent years. In the past, golfers often had to settle for rigid leather shoes that hardly flexed at all as the swing unfolded.

Nowadays, golf shoes have moved on dramatically. ECCO is one of the leading lights in the field, pioneering next generation technologies that are delivering ever more impressive performance for ordinary golfers.

ECCO Biom Hybrid - applying lab technology to golf

Fusing ECCO's trademark sense of contemporary style with cutting edge production techniques, the Biom Hybrid range is breaking new ground in golf shoe design. Here's why.

ECCO Biom Hybrid shoes are produced using a technique known as 'direct injection.' Traditionally, golf shoes have been formed from pieces of leather or synthetic materials and then stitched together - leaving areas of weakness at the seams where moisture can penetrate and the shoes can come apart.

Direct injection is different. Instead of requiring complex stitching, shoes made using direct injection are formed in one piece. This can deliver unrivalled comfort and stability, allowing designers to create precision moulds that perfectly mimic the shape of the foot.

Using high quality materials to ensure total comfort

ECCO focus on using exactly the right materials in their footwear products. Biom Hybrid shoes incorporate specially selected yak leather which is lightweight, strong but supple as well. As any golfer knows, to be comfortable, shoes need to have enough give to move with the feet, instead of working against them.

ECCO Biom Hybrid shoes require no time to break them in, They come ready for action, with their specially designed footbed moulds and soft materials. As with all high quality golf shoes, Biom Hybrid shoes are also completely waterproof, having been subjected to hydromax treatment before shipping.

The full collection of ECCO Biom Hybrid shoes are available to buy here, with new colours coming in Spring 2016.

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