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Could metal spiked golf shoes be on the way out of the game?

The spiky issue of the correct golf shoes for professionals to wear is one that is continuing to rage.

In 1857 the Scottish periodical, The Golfer's Manual, advised golfers to "wear stout shoes roughed with small nails or sprigs to walk safely over slippery ground."

This may have been necessary in the 1850s but many pro golfers now believe the need for metal spiked golf shoes is over as they believe softer hybrid spikes perform just as well.

Ian Poulter, himself often derided for his choice of extravagant golf shoes, recently took to Twitter – of course – to criticise players that continue to wear metal spikes.

"The greens got crusty out there this afternoon baked in the heat & wind & plenty of spike marks. why do people still use spikes," Poulter wrote after playing in the Arnold Palmer invitational.

The Brit estimated that ten to 15 players still wear metal spikes and believes there is no reason for them to continue doing so.

At the recent Augusta Masters only two of the 99-strong field chose to wear shoes with no spikes at all, US veteran Fred Couples and Ryan Moore.

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