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Car fanatic dons golf clothing for a game on his Skoda

Petrol head John McArthur simply has to don his golf clothing and head out to his drive if he ever fancies a few holes.

The car enthusiast has turned his Skoda Felicia into a mini golf course, complete with a bunker on the bonnet and a flag on the roof. To complete the look it is covered all over in fake grass.

Speaking to the Metro, Mr McArthur said: "My friends who have been in the car love it and say people just stare at it when I am driving around. I have seen people taking pictures and then ask me about it."

He added that the benefits of the car, which he bought on auction website eBay, are that he does not have to clean it and that it is as reliable as other cars.

Anyone who fancies showing off their golf clothes on an unusual golf course could try a few rounds at the Coeur d'Alene Resort Gold Course in Idaho, where the 13th hole floats on a dedicated movable island, or the Green Zone Golf Club, which features nine holes in Finland and nine holes in Sweden.

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