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Adidas Tour360 Boost 2.0 Golf Shoe | Better Than Ever

Adidas Tour 360 Boost 2.0_3 Adidas’ leading shoe on Tour in 2016/17 has gone under the knife and is now better than ever. Many would doubt the possibility, but with a few subtle tweaks and changes, Adidas have boosted their stakes in the increasingly competitive golf footwear market yet again.

Structurally the shoe looks similar to it’s predecessor but this isn’t the case. Adidas have added a new outsole top plate to the Tour360 Boost 2.0, which allows a more natural foot movement, whilst also providing full stability to each golfer and their unique swing. As lateral movements are made during the golf swing, the Sprintskin Technology on the upper lining increases the support felt to the upper section of the foot.


Adidas Tour 360 Boost 2.0_2

Compared with last year’s version, the heel of the Adidas Tour360 Boost 2.0 has a more traditional shape and is now full leather. As golfers stride their way around the course, this alteration will provide them with more comfort than ever before. Having worn the old versions and having now played in the 2.0 update, I believe this will also increase the durability of the heel. The previous version was definitely prone to wear away in this area.


Adidas Tour 360 Boost 2.0 F18-Blog

Adidas have cleaned up the look of the Tour360 Boost 2.0 shoe as you address the ball and look down. By removing the seams from the previous design, a more aesthetically pleasing look has been created. Another positive change is that the premium leather upper will be much easier to keep clean. The feedback given from the likes of Dustin Johnson and Sergio Garcia proved influential in Adidas’ decision to remove the centre toe seam, these shoes are created with style advice from the best. Another noticeable change to the design is the added colour underneath the 360Wrap, this addition is very pleasing on the eye and will also allow you to kill it with the outfit colour co-ordination.

The new technology in the Adidas Tour360 Boost 2.0 shoes, alongside what has been carried over from the original design is why Masun Denison (Adidas Golf Global Footwear Director) believes that they are closing in on the perfect golf shoe. This shoe is seen to be competitively priced in this day and age, it oozes quality, comfort and style making it worthy of its £139.00 price tag.

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