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Adidas Golf Shoes | 2016 Collection Announced

adidas-Tour360-Boost-golf-shoesInformation on the latest Adidas golf shoe styles for 2016 have now been announced, with the Tour360 Boost shoes now available to buy.

You might want to follow in the footsteps of tour pros like Sergio Garcia and Dustin Johnson, by choosing new pair of golf shoes from the 2016 Adidas range. They know that wearing a well made pair of Adidas golf shoes can make all the difference to their performance.

The Tour360 Boost: A marquee shoe that's built for pros

Many tour pros have embraced the Adidas Tour360 Boost designs, and it’s often the power hitters who are first in line. A player like Dustin needs to be balanced at the point of impact because he generates so much speed with his downswing. The Tour360 works for him because they include energised cushioning down their entire length.

Tour pros an amateurs can also benefit from the climaproof technology of adidas golf shoes, which keeps feet comfortable in warm and cold conditions, and avoids discomfort from sweat when the heat is on. Grip is another strength of these Adidas golf shoes, as the 10 cleat puremotion sole provides excellent traction through impact.

Aside from that, many pros are becoming ever more style conscious, and the Tour360 Boost delivers on aesthetics, with its premium leather upper - On sale now at £129.

Flexibility and comfort from the Tour360 Primeknit Boost

The Tour360 Primeknit Boost focuses on being as flexible as possible. If you have muscle problems with your feet, or you have a particularly dynamic swing, these Adidas golf shoes can help to maintain your stability and allow your feet to move naturally.

Primeknit shoes are specially designed to be ultra light and breathable - Primeknit is a technology that has moved across from Adidas running shoes. The Primeknit is a summer shoe, but the Adidas 50/50 protect system keeps the lower part of the shoe completely dry and allows feet to breathe in hot weather.

Just like the Tour360, Primeknit Boost designs feature shoe-length cushioning, and cleats that provide exceptional grip. As a finishing touch, it also includes a premium waxed shoelace – a sign of Adidas’ supreme attention to detail. We have seen this stunning looking shoe in the flesh and can't wait to own a pair. It will be available from June 2016.

Adidas Golf Shoes_Tour360 Primeknit

AdiPower Sport Boost 2: Lightweight Adidas golf shoes for active players

Finally, there is the AdiPower Sport Boost 2. This lightweight shoe comes with a one-piece upper and will suit younger golfers with it's athletic styling. As with the other Adidas designs, the AdiPower Sport Boost 2 also includes shoe-length support and climaproof technology to keep feet cool and sweat-free.

The key innovation with the AdiPower design is that they incorporate the Boost sole and features from Adidas’ specialist running shoes. This makes them superbly comfortable and perfectly suited to golfers who walk the course.

Adidas Golf Shoes_Boost Sport 2

With this collection, Adidas continue to meet the demands of elite golfers and everyday players. If you are looking to improve your performance, or you just want to feel more comfortable when playing your golf, the 2016 Adidas golf shoes range will almost certainly deliver a design to suit your needs.

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