Under Armour Spieth 2 Golf Shoes | Made To Score

Under Armour Spieth 2 Golf ShoesWhat does it mean to be MADE TO SCORE? Does it mean hitting the longest drives or making the most incredible shots with every swing? In truth, it’s in the way you approach the game; the obsession over what others dismiss as the little things.

There is one golfer out there whose focus is unrivaled, who works backwards from the pin on every shot, painting a picture on the course before every round. With the most analytical mind on the course, a razor-sharp single-mindedness and a flair for the dramatic, he manages to be one of the most elite golfers in the world, and he always finds a way to score. This man, a multi-major championship winner, is Jordan Spieth.


Under Armour Spieth 2 Golf Shoes White

The attributes that make Jordan MADE TO SCORE are embodied in the latest golf shoe offering from Jordan and Under Armour, the Spieth 2. Embedded in every fiber of the Spieth 2 is Jordan’s maniacal focus, fierce intelligence, courage to fight and infinite creativity. A bold evolution of last year’s groundbreaking Spieth 1, the Spieth 2 was rigorously tested by Spieth himself and built to help him accomplish one main goal: to score.

New technology in the Spieth 2 Golf Shoes includes Gore-Tex waterproofing, which delivers total protection from the elements without sacrificing breathability. Derived from Under Armour’s rich history of material innovation, the Spieth 2 also features innovations including ultra-strong TPU fibers directly woven into the upper, resulting in structural support even lighter than the Spieth 1.



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